When I see the sun…

…I smile

I kiss my skin to feel the smooth dark texture

Of my identity

And the warm flowing blood that lets me breathe

Those golden rays of energy hug and caress my body

Like nothing else can, except

Maybe you

Now see, that is the part I just can’t comprehend

How your heat that touches my soul seems to have no end

And my body soaks up the life like a dying man

But I swear I use to breathe just fine before you, you 

Wrecked havoc on my air supply and became my only life support

I don’t think that is how its supposed to work

Because when your gone, whats left of my spirit?

Am I supposed to break and fall apart if you leave?

That just doesn’t sit well with me

Cause when I see the sun, I see freedom

I breathe in nature’s sweet supply and reason

That our love is incomplete without Him

Because I believe that God orders everything

Including our paths that led us here, together

As much as we dream about forever

No matter how long we promise to love each other

Our affection will last only as long our hearts beat

And when I see the sun I know our time is ending

But I smile

Because I believe our time together is worth spending

With God on our side and His will being our guide

I can move past my doubt and misunderstanding

And realize that deep within your eyes, I’ll find a significant piece of me

In you, my significant other – with God being our Father

Theres no wrong in our love, there are no holes in our hearts

Its you and me and God – the sun

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoAutumn Goodman

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