In the blink of an eye

I gave my goodbye, didn’t think twice

No words would suffice

And I just breathe in sunshine

Actually. Thats not true.

In the blink of an eye

My thoughts turned, my eyes burned

With tears dripping to my diminishing smile

And I tried to breathe, but my lungs filled with pain instead

Because suddenly I had to say goodbye

But then again, that’s not really true either

Because my mask was made of a sunny dispostion

And there’s a thin barrier blocking “the truth”

When you face me I lie to you

But when you turn to leave I die for you

I fight the overwhelming urge to grab you to me

And put the puzzle pieces of our lives back together

But its impossible to ignore the ones that don’t fit, and the ones that don’t exist at all

The order to be filled is just so tall

Neither one of us is ready for this

And I know you are willing to take the risk

But before I can jump in

To your lovely promises and twinkling ambition

I have to learn to start trusting myself

Photo provided by:
unsplash-logoOscar Blair

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