My Untitled Past – I


I’d originally started this as another page but I’ve decided to just start a “series” of posts. I’ve been writing for a long time, and while I look at most of my old stuff and cringe, I do treasure a few. My old signature was to not title my poems, just date them. So in this series My Untitled Past, I’ll post my old favorites.

November 16, 2009
The sun will always rise, I know that
Out of everything not to be sure about
Thats one fact I can trust
My daddy may leave and my mama may soon die
But the sun will always rise
It holds so many different meanings
A beautiful morn or another dreadful day
A calm to the storm, a sign to show the way
To me it means trust. Dependability.
A kept promise of a greater light
So much more reliable than humans
Or even my own heart’s emotions
I can’t always believe in those lies
They’re tricky and sneaky, unsure of their purpose
They’ll lead me astray
But the sun? it knows what it is and what its supposed to do
And it does it everyday
Thats a model that I can follow
An honest, trustworthy guide
If I go by the same standard the sun lives by
I think I’ll be alright, I’ll know how to rise

Photo provided by:
unsplash-logoJorge Vasconez

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