its the beginning

and i would give it all to start with a beginning like this

to step forth with a certainty like that

to move on from mistakes and not look back

its the determination

to keep pushing through the poison of doubt

show my worth and take my head down from the clouds

silence the world and their screams of ridicule – so loud

sometimes, its a broken thing

to come so close to giving up

can’t have hope and faith without trust

i put mine in God, i don’t depend on luck

and in the end, it will be a finished thing

to be standing in the midst of the silver lining

to be rewarded for doing more, all the sacrificing

to come out a little scarred and beat up, but still fighting

Striving, surviving, crying, and life-ing

its a journey

and the day we stop moving is the day we die

come up with the sun, find the stars in the night

make a wish worth believing, its the beginning

never too late, give it one more try

Photo provided by:
unsplash-logofreddie marriage

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