You scared the hell out of me

I didn’t know what love is and I still don’t

But I think I’ve got a better handle on life

I tapped down into somewhere I never thought I’d go

I dug up someone I swear I didn’t even know

And for along time I painted over the man in the mirror

With the woman filled with fear

Because this wasn’t supposed to happen to me

To fall in love has always been a mystery

But you brought revelation to my front door

And I was scared, but you held my hand

Told me to forget the way things were before

Made me face the mirror, then soothed my broken spirit

With the passion shining through your eyes

I could no longer ignore now that I was drowning in it

And I wouldn’t go back and change anything, not a single minute

Of falling in love with you

Photo provided by:
unsplash-logoThought Catalog

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