Running my hands through my hair is like running water over my brain

I do it to clear my mind, conjure up peace like during the rain

It works, sometimes, and only to an extent – but it’s certainly not the same

Because a few minutes later it all fills back up and I work again on the drain

When we were younger all we did was live in in the present

But now, with so much past behind us, it’s so hard to imagine

To be so carefree without life’s stress and worries being so constant

How many nights have I spent awake wishing to be  a  child again

I fall asleep dreaming that my wishes came true

Where I’m an innocent with simple pleasures, but eventually time breaks through

The morning dawns, bringing sunshine and truth

When I look in the mirror I can’t see the little girl I once knew

I’m older with too many experiences and mistakes to count

But I’m learning as well, I’m discovering what this path is about

While some days are bad, more are better and thoughts aren’t so loud

I’m learning that hard work and trust erases doubt

But on the bad days, where I run my hands through my hair

I imagine its water and I’m breathing salty oceanic air

I know that I’m living and I see purpose more clear

I’m doing it on purpose, finding out who I am and why I’m here

Photo by:
unsplash-logoJohn Salvino

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