Love You Back

It’s not about you loving me

It’s about me loving myself

When the moon is blue and the stars are bright

My mind is clearer and my dreams have light

And the air has a warmth and feelings of radiance

The song of nature is made from a unique cadance

Of which we’ll probably never hear again

I’m tired of writing about life and love

And not experiencing it

Sometimes, I don’t want to live

I’d rather stop the cycle of day and night

And just stay in those precious fleeting moments with you

I’ve somehow lost a sense of myself

Or maybe I never had any in the first place

I look back to the past where my prints have left a trace

And wonder where I’ve been

So, you see, its not about loving you

Its about living a life that’s harder than the dream

And facing the problems that are  in front of me

So that one day I can love myself

Enough to love you back

Photo by:
unsplash-logoWilliam Stitt

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