i can’t sing

i can’t sing, well

i’ve always wished i could but i can’t carry a tune

i don’t think i can really hear one either

but no one can tell me not to sing to the moon

in my heart i can make anyone a believer

in the power and spirit of music, how we swoon

under its mystical touch that caresses us

and lyrics that push our imagination through a dream weaver

and make us believe in the wonders of the world

i can’t sing, but i can play and i sure as hell can learn

how to master the art form of rhythm that makes us yearn

for those things we know nothing about

oh cadence, make our souls dance and light out

the darkness, fear, uncertainty and doubt

that separate us from our dreams

when i sing to the moon, the stars glisten

and my eyes twinkle to match as God listens

He’s the only approving audience I need

doing what i love, being who i am – with music, my voice

my being, my choice – i sing because i’m happy, because i’m free

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