I know how it feels
To inhale a substance
Then wish you’d never touched it
Private addictions go public
And whats it mean when you’re
Breathing’s no longer automatic
Short, raspy, and static
Turn natural from a bad habit
The air feels like its choking you
The night’s safety is cloaking you
From daylight, more like an open room
Can’t hide, or run away from the fumes
Of life, sun rays and oxygen
Inhale, I know about addiction
Fate writes its own prescriptions
And I swallow with indecision
Then I smile, euphoric changes
My mood varies through ranges
Frustrated, I let it out on yielding pages
But through it all my mask stays pasted
Because the world is far too dangerous
And my addictions are far from glamorous
While my highs are more than glorious
My lows are violently notorious
Breathing is supposed to be cathartic
But what are you supposed to do when you’re addicted
To holding your breath and a making wishes
If I exhale, doesn’t that mean I missed it?

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