There is a need to live a little recklessly
Just a little
Like when we were young
To live recklessly just meant to live Freer
Emphasize on limitlessness and capitalize on youth
Love because you don’t know hurt
Laugh because you feel no pain
Easily move forward because you don’t overthink the simple things
Even though you may overcomplicate them
You take steps because you see no cliffs
And even if you happen to fall, you think you’re flying
Where others may see a black, fatal abyss
You visualize endless possibilities and blank space
There is always ‘one day’
One day you’ll move mountains and cross rivers
One day you’ll visit new worlds and meet new people
One day you’ll stand up for something and maybe you’ll stand alone
One day you’ll fall in love, and then back out again
Actually, you’ll do that a lot
But it will be ok
Uniqueness is a virtue pursued in the springtime of one’s life
And doubt is a sin perfected by the aged
Time ruins all, as it slowly but firmly sets in and life really begins
Whatever that means
I guess all young people do is dream
And talk too much
About the future
Then not so suddenly, the future is there
Those dreams are either necessity or loss
Vision is either a gift or a curse
And reckless abandon is just an abandoned romantic notion
Left for our children to pick up off the side of the dirt road of our past life
As time sets in we set the limits
Love is unable to cover the hurt
Pain is barely subdued by laughter
Nothing is simple, we fence in the cliffs, and to fall is to die
Visions blur as possibilities end and blank space is filled with what ifs
And one day passed by a long time ago
Or so it seems…
There are those who still feel the need
to live freer
The few who refuse to let time dictate who they are
Who refuse to trap their dreams into the solidarity of age
Whose one day is tomorrow because there aren’t many one days left
Who still fall in love a lot, even if its with the same person
Who inspires others to move away from doubt
And towards destiny

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