Outside, the sun burns my skin

And I revel in the feeling

The breeze brushes over me for reprieve

And the sensation seems endless

Until the clouds assemble

Releasing me from the heated caress

Inside my heart pumps viciously and the blood flows

Smoothly, through my veins

My body functions on its own

Propelled by the motivation of my soul

At least for now, while the sun sometimes touches me

Thats when I fell the most alive

Riveted by the effortlessness of life

Hard pressed by the struggle of living

At least on my part, I’ll do everything

To strive for fulfillment

Daily I push myself to appreciate the gift

from God, of the breaths He’s giving

And I won’t wonder about the point of life

Because I already know

Instead I’ll move purposefully

Willing my time to meaning

Time flies by the rhythm of my heart beating

A beating that will eventually end

In hopes that a legacy will continue playing

With a message that will spread

Burning like the sun, endlessly

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