i find myself silent

cliched, standing in the rain

staring through a window

to a place i cannot enter

and wondering


I’m screaming inside

hurt, angry and confused – but silent

while it beats down on my head and heart

like a whip

breaking my skin and my civility

I’m screaming inside

only silenced by dignity

though i’d rather throw away my pride

and respond with my fist

pump out jabs to match

the erratic beating of my heart

adrenaline fueled by ignorant rants

hatred filled slurs

and not so subtle slights

rock me in my gut

and ricochet off the bodies of my people

virtual blows with actual consequences

yet I’m silent

i know that knowledge is more powerful than guns

but I’m watching my people bleed

it rattles the truth a little bit

but only a little bit

because while they attack wildly

they’ll soon blow out of steam

and my silent endurance will build strength

we’ll preserve over the foolish

and grow like sunflowers from the rain

no longer wondering why

but moving towards the sun


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