i don’t wonder the streets restlessly, i wonder the recesses of my own mind
searching for answers to questions
yet i’m not sure what it is i’m asking for
I’m not uncertain, I’m undecided
or is it multifaceted
i’m not confused – I’m complicated
my mind is the maze i’m constantly running around
thinking i know one direction of my thoughts just to get lost in my own musings
it’s fascinating to be so consumed with myself
will i ever find a clear path, or will i wander lust
will i find purpose and meaning in the corners of my mind
or will i just stop…
stop asking the questions i don’t want the answers to
and forge the path i want to walk on
break through the walls of the maze that is my mind
and place fulfillment where i find none
for we are all creators and dictators of our being
we will our existence to be what it is
the question is not whether i will
but rather what drives my power to be

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