i feel the pressure in my heart
the beat is heavy
a melodic, consistent thumping
distinguished sounds and clear indicators of struggle
going about the facade of every day
it’s a silent, uniquely common endeavor
a constant reminder of mortality; the promise and curse of life
looking all at once, I feel the pressure
the beginning, the middle, and the end

Yet I’m not convinced that’s how we’re supposed to look at it
Because it’s in the small, most meaningful moments
that we feel the biggest
those are the moments where we live fearlessly
boldly taking the steps toward an endless path
striving for perfection, completion
knowing that we’ll fail to achieve
but reveling in the glory of the movement
in the thrill of the effort

As I feel the pressure, strong as it may be
And as my heart drums on
I overcome by the simple truth
That the journey is the mark of my own legacy
Amazingly did I live

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoJoshua Earle

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