A Tribute to Women in Business

I’m just at the cusp of a turning point
Where the sway in my hips is a symbol of strength
And not an act of trying too hard
Physically, a woman is strongest at that point in her body
It is the center of her being, but
We’ve still got our minds and our mouths
And don’t forget our hearts
It is the combination of these aspects of ourselves
That make us feel the most centered
This is the essence of who we are, our beauty
And though the world may put all sorts of labels on us
We are the ones who define our selves
So despite the world’s attempt to limit our abilities
Or more importantly, the belief that we are able
I embrace the labels:

Sexy. Promiscuous. Fat. Quiet. Ambitious. Brave.
Smart. Pretty. Skinny. Black. Loud. Emotional. Tall.
White. Scared. Weak. Healthy. Victim. Unique.
Fabulous. Confusing. Dramatic. Understanding.

Accepting ourselves and living our lives despite our flaws
Is the closest we will get to perfection.

Dear Reader,

First, thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoy writing so much and to know that anyone bothers to read my work is so rewarding! I work for a small company with big mission, called The Idea Inc. Part of what I do is to contribute to the blogs we produce, and I wrote the above piece as a tribute to women, particularly those in business – but all women the same. I wanted to share the piece with those who follow this blog as well. You can read the full post here.

The main point I wanted to make was this:  I challenge women to take on the challenge of uplifting, accepting, and motivating each other to charter the path of change.

We are too important and have too much to do with such little time to tear each other down. Lets lift each other up and encourage one another to face the world and chase our dreams!

Thank you for reading!

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