starting over

I’ve been stopped.
I was going somewhere, at least I thought
But apparently not
I just got a huge slap in the face
Life straight up backhanded me
Sitting here in a daze
I mean all day I’ve been rubbing my cheek
Scratching my head, and thinking
What to do, Charlie Brown?
Don’t go back, don’t look down
Head held high, stick your chest out
Release that deep breath, and be still
Can you hear it?
I’m still alive! This is not the end
Might be a pause, but I just need to
Brush my shoulders off
Band-aid my wounds and step forward again
They’ll heal, they’ll scar
Sometimes they may even sting
Yet when I look back at the thing that had me worrying
I’ll remember how nothing, I mean NOTHING
Can stop me.

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