Love Affair

I’ve been having a love affair with poetry for a while
As I grew, I went to shows – secret rendezvous – and slams like one night stands
I had private moments where I’d bare my all onto the page,
Deliciously overwhelmed like a feen who craves
That one, secret, precious addiction
And the only time I ever truly feel naked is when someone else is
reading my soul
Each word as evidence to the sleepless nights when verses unfold
When lines are bent and molded into  my masterpiece
The rhythm of every lyric matches my own heartbeat
And my spirit sings along to the beautiful song that marks my affair with poetry
When I look over the finished work, it’s like staring into a mirror
I check to dot every “i” and cross every “t” until my inner self is pleased
With the piece I’ve marked in ink on the paper leaf
It’s only then I can release that breath and feel the liberty
And I know it’s a little risky to show much of me, but
We all do strange things for love

Photo by:
unsplash-logoJason Briscoe

This post is in honor of the last Throwback Thursday for 2017 (#TBT). It is one of my favorite pieces, which I originally posted when I was in college back in 2011. I hope you enjoy it! Love yourself 🙂


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