The Gift

You know what I think is a complete waste of time? Dwelling on “what could have been” – because as of right now, whatever notion that was isn’t true.
So on this last day of the year, I’m going to make a promise to myself:

I promise I’m going to love myself
Count my ten fingers and ten toes
Brown skin and button nose
Bright eyes and matching smile
And I promise I’m going to love it all
Long arms and even longer legs
A well-functioning brain in my pretty head
And a heart that IS its own drum
Sweet music, driving a strong pulse full of rhythm
When I’m quiet enough to listen – it’s beautiful to be God’s creation
How can I ask for anything more than this gift?
And how can I really know what love is?
Until I learn to stop rejecting myself
So I’m going to start loving me, caring and cherishing my own body
Wiggle my toes and nose, and smile – stare at myself in the mirror for awhile
And remember, “Your Father loves you the way you are…”
I’ll dance to the beat of my rhythmic heart
And thank God for this new year, these new eyes – my fresh start.

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoJakob Owens

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