Begin Again

I want to begin again
to learn to breathe
and stand on my own
and to speak
to be fresh and new
and not that person who
was timid and shy
but bold and alive
I want to feel my skin crawl
as the breeze of renewal
blows against my face
leaving only a trace
of the past to remind me
at last, I am free
forward I go in my new found
freedom and in love and hope
letting dreams float into reality
because I am who I want to be
and that is all I need
to live and begin again

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoXan Griffin

I originally wrote this poem on March 19, 2008 (nearly 10 years ago, wow!) and found it in a folder full of old poems. I’ll be going through them and posting some here (after a couple of edits). Enjoy! 

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