life, in theory, is quite simple I think
it’s the practice that often alludes me
is there meaning in the mechanics of our daily actions
where do we go when we reflect and breathe deeply
to contemplate the principles of time, space, mortality
the practice of living through our convictions, haunting us
as we navigate this life by attempting to accomplish feats
large and small, creating lasting memories, our legacies
or so we believe, rejecting the notion that death is the end
life, in theory, is being born, dying, and coping with
what fate we are handed in between
or is it the practice of will, determination, hope
envisioning and creating an existence regarded as destiny

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoBryan Minear

3 thoughts on “phenomenon

  1. damn. id like to believe we create what we think to be our destiny.. but i cant help but think we are born and we die and just trying to cope with life in the mean time. i can’t know for sure

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