Something great

Am I audacious to call myself a writer?
I want to write.
Something good, meaningful, poignant, moving
My thoughts purged and burned on the paper leaf
I want people reading and
Remembering what was said
I don’t want to be a passing ship in the minds of the masses
I am a steady anchor revealing my truth

Am I wrapped up in pride when I call myself a writer?
I want to write.
But I also want my writings to be legendary
It’s not enough to just be ordinary
It’s not enough just to speak
I want to be heard
If I’m being honest, I can feel the frenzy
Of motivation coursing through my fingertips

Am I ready to fulfill this aspiration of being a writer?
I want to write.
But desire alone won’t fuel my dreams
Passion, perfection, steadfastness
Driving me closer to
Will you be my audience?
Will you journey with me?
Wade through the narrative and tell the tale

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

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