A Poet’s Ode

An ode to help calm my soul
unsettled as it is, moved by the simplest touches
longing for comfort and peace
riddled by the puzzle that is life
stealing away through time like a thief
brushing by the wind of the Spirit
outmatched and yet welcomed into the fold
Feeling a dip in the river, the cooling
soothes and engulfs, refreshing in its flow
An ode to help calm my soul
a testament to the writer’s strife
the struggle to string together the pieces
to create meaning out of being alive
each day we wake to look death in the face
Pretending to possess the will to survive
Refusing to believe otherwise
An ode to help calm my soul
basking in the light of the golden Son
the rays ignite my flesh
and warm the restless being of this reverie
filling my heart and leaving me blessed
eternal, infinite, beauty from ashes
when whats done is done, its the memory
its the memories we value more than gold
And its the poet’s truth, be told
My soul’s rest, a poet’s ode

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoJoanna Kosinska

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