i am a big hypocrite
i’ve lived my whole life hating
and telling others that love is key
how can i know the first thing about loving
when i’ve spent my life hating me
i am a hypocrite
wanting to be perfect
when i know that doesn’t exist
and what’s worse is, i know its ok
to not be flawless
because when someone loves you
despite all the “imperfections”
your heart knows that’s a lot more true
but what do i even know
when i can’t accept the temple of of my soul
and who can i love completely
when my own self can not be whole
Because knowing is different from doing
And actions speak louder than words
i’ve lived through my hypocrisy, but now
its time for the voice of my heart to be heard

Photo provided by:
unsplash-logoElijah O'Donell

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