catching up…

The air we breathe has a price

Young and old, precious. Precious life.

Time never fades, but we do

Each person is unique

Yet we amount to billions

Of the same entity, the same cycle

Of breathing and knowing the breaths are numbered

Delicate and fragile

Is the shell of our souls

Of which we’re all encumbered

Yet we are immortal

Passing through to what eternity beholds

We’re either eager for what comes after

Or we fear it

Indifferent to condition of our spirit

Yet we feel it

Everyday we choose to embrace our time

Or just endure it

Billions upon billions of precious, precious life

Coming to an end then starting again

Daily, we live it

As time keeps propelling forward, we fade

Catching up to the costs of our souls

Photo provided by: unsplash-logoNathaniel Tetteh

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